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Iris Eye Care, located in the heart of Varanasi, in Sigra and Mehmoorganj, is a very famous hospital for eye treatment and surgery. It is known for its excellent medical care and surgical services in Varanasi, where highly experienced doctors, including a gold medalist surgeon and doctors with more than 10 years of experience, provide their services 24/7.



Iris Eye Care Varanasi is recognized as the top-leading eye care hospital for its advanced eye treatments, modern equipment, affordable prices, and quality treatment. Here, tests for all types of diseases are conducted, and spectacles with all kinds of lenses are also available at a very basic price.

The Best Eye Hospital in Varanasi is led by experienced doctors Dr. Nishant Singh[ MBBS, MS (Gold Medalist) (MLNMC) PHACO REFRACTIVE SURGEON] and Dr. Sonali Raj Singh [MBBS, MS (Gold Medalist) FICO (UK) VITREO-RETINAL SURGEON]. Iris Eye Care in Varanasi deals with common problems related to the eyes, such as red eye, blurred vision, allergic conjunctivitis, night blindness, lazy eye, yellow eye, and color blindness.

Various types of diseases such as conjunctivitis, contract, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, entropion, macular degeneration are treated by experienced doctors.

Iris Eye Care, based in Varanasi, conducts regular free eye test exams at various locations near the city of Varanasi. This initiative raises awareness among the residents of Varanasi about eye-related diseases. Additionally, any major diseases can be diagnosed early, ensuring timely treatment for the affected eye.
Iris Eye Care in Varanasi hospital also provides discounts for children and senior citizens. Under this, appropriate discounts are given on doctor’s fees, medicines, surgeries, and even spectacles.

At Iris Eye Care Varanasi, we always strive to satisfy our patients with our quality treatment services. Additionally, Iris Eye Care Varanasi Hospital also offers free ambulance service during any emergency.

iris eye care varanasi always try to satisfied thier patients with thier quality treatment services and iris eye care varanasi hospital is also offer free ambulance service in any emergency time.

Iris Eye Care is committed to provide better treatment for all types of eye diseases faced by the people living in Varanasi.

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Common treatments for eye conditions include eye drops, prescribed medicines, corrective lenses, surgical interventions, laser procedures, and balanced lifestyle.

Laser eye treatment, such as LASIK or PRK, involves using a laser technology to reshape the cornea, correcting refractive errors. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia under the supervision of eye care specialist. glasses or contact lenses.

To find the best eye treatment center near you, you can search for the best recommendations by the patients who get cured by an eye expert by reading reviews online, check the qualifications and expertise of the doctors, and consider the reputation and experience of the eye treatment center.

Treatment options for common eye infections, such as pink eye or conjunctivitis, may include ointments, antibiotic or antiviral eye drops, warm compresses, and proper hygiene practices. It is important to consult an eye care specialist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Dry eye syndrome treatment includes the use of artificial tears or lubricating eye drops, prescribed eye drops to increase tear production, punctal plugs to conserve tears, and changing lifestyles like humidifiers, blinking exercises, and avoiding environmental triggers.

Cataract eye treatment involves a surgical procedure to remove the cloudy natural lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). The surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis, and various techniques, such as phacoemulsification, are used to break up and remove the cataract.

Glaucoma eye treatment includes the use of medicated eye drops to lower intraocular pressure, laser therapy to improve drainage of fluid from the eye, and surgical procedures if necessary. Regular monitoring and treatment are crucial to preventing the vision loss associated with glaucoma.

Yes, eye treatments such as LASIK, PRK, or the use of corrective lenses can effectively improve vision in cases of refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

We are not sure; it can vary depending on the type of insurance plan and the specific treatment. It is recommended to check with your insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage for different eye treatments.

We provide almost all kinds of eye care surgeries by the top-leading eye surgeons in our hospital, which are listed below:


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